Established in 2003

Eminent Communications Inc. is a leading provider of voice, data, video, and collaborative communications solutions and services for businesses of all sizes. Our entrepreneurial heritage, built upon agility and flexibility in the way we serve our customers, has continued since 2003.

With team members of long-standing expertise in voice and data communications, our position has propelled us into our current market-leading position as the telecommunications industry shifts from legacy technology to IP-based systems.

Our Goal

Eminent makes it a priority to build long-term relationships with other companies to create better solutions for our customers. It is our goal at Eminent Communications Inc. to develop a close professional relationship with our customers.

Eminent insists on delivering not only an exceptional communications solution tailored to each business, but the support and services that make an initial communications investment pay long-term returns. Eminent is committed to achieving the highest possible quality in all that it does. Our primary business objective focuses upon meeting the needs and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Pursuant with this objective, we continuously strive for total quality, superior customer service and product innovation.


Our solutions are designed to satisfy the needs of all types and sizes of businesses. With unmatched reliability and scalability, Eminent’s solutions enhance employee productivity, increase customer service, reduce costs, and generate new revenue streams. Our approach is unique. We see communications as an investment in a business’ ongoing performance—not a one-time equipment acquisition. Our focus on understanding a business’ needs means we provide tailored industry specific and user-centric solutions maximizing our customers’ return on their investments.

Our portfolio includes communications platforms and gateways, business telephones, and unified communications software applications. Eminent has the solutions, including hosted offerings and end-to-end managed services, to suit any business model. Our IP migration strategy enables businesses to maintain their existing infrastructure investment while taking advantage of the latest IP technologies. Leading the unified communications market with the latest in presence integration, we provide businesses with what they want—choice.


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