Eminent Communications Inc. takes a common sense approach and organizes itself around the needs of today's businesses. We help streamline and upgrade client's business systems: we listen, study, plan, develop, optimize, customize, engineer, manage, train, support, and maintain - for you. We represent the major manufacturers and the most significant products available today.

What we offer is the knowledge, resources, and independence necessary to turn your vision into reality. Our vision includes a commitment to excellence in every phase of our business, cost effective solutions, and a process of continual improvement for today's technology solutions.

Effective, efficient, economical communication services - Find out why customers who do business with Eminent become customers for life.

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Eminent offers enterprise and small-to-medium companies a complete portfolio of solutions for wireless, unified communications, voice, video, data and management services, and an open migration path to protect communication network investments. From single line telephones to large PBX installations, you will find a variety of telecommunication products to choose from. Our staff is here to ensure your next Telecommunication purchase is a success!

The quality of service and product knowledge really sets us apart from the competition.

We donít just sell the product, we offer support to use the product efficiently and correctly. Many people experience the disappointment of buying hardware or software from a company or an individual only to have them disappear and leave the consumer without support. Eminent Communications Inc. not only has a team of professionals to do the job right, we have the record of being there next year when additional service or support is needed.


You have many providers to choose from, and while Eminent offer is highly price competitive, we know that service is king, which is why you can get an engineer on the phone in seconds, 24/7/365.


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