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Shoretel Voice Switch 220T1 Unified Communications Platform
- Basic Configuration: 220 IP or 100 IP with a T1
- Expandable to: 220 IP or 100 IP with a T1
Shoretel Voice Switch 220T1 Unified Communications Platform Shoretel Voice Switch 220T1 Unified Communications Platform 0

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ShoreGear Voice Switches use an embedded, realtime operating system and unique call control architecture, enabling them to communicate with each other and distribute call processing in the network. Unlike other solutions, servers can be disconnected from the ShoreTel UC system and the switches will continue to process calls and voice messages.

The ShoreGear voicemail switch models offer integrated voice messaging and automated attendant capabilities. As with voice calls, ShoreTel’s distributed architecture ensures that access to voicemail is not interrupted in the event of a WAN failure.

If a ShoreGear Voice Switch fails or is isolated by a network fault, the phones supported by that switch automatically fail over to another voice switch at the site. This “N + 1” form of redundancy is simple, cost-effective and extremely reliable. Even higher redundancy can be achieved by simply adding voice switches.

With 15 stackable, space-efficient designs, ShoreTel offers a wide range of voice switches for any size organization. The system scales seamlessly across multiple sites simply by adding switches, and does not require any forklift upgrades. Enterprises can also migrate to IP telephony over time using the ShoreGear Primary Rate Interface (PRI) options to provide tandem trunking and coordinated dialing with existing PBXs.

In independent rankings, ShoreTel consistently earns top marks for superior IP telephony technology. ShoreTel’s technology leadership in dynamic echo cancellation, jitter buffering and lost packet handling, result in low latency and toll-quality voice communications for calls, and voicemail access.

ShoreTel delivers breakthrough UC solutions that help organizations realize significant productivity gains, as employees spend less time interacting with disparate voice systems and more time collaborating. The ShoreTel UC system enables flexible dialing across the enterprise, seamless call transfer, Web conferencing, video conferencing, call handling, and intercom between sites, as well as easy access to distributed voicemail. With ShoreGear Voice Switches as a platform for growth, productivity rises and customer satisfaction increases as everyone connects with the right people, faster.


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