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Mitel SX-200 CXI IP Communications Platform
- Basic Configuration: 5 6
- Expandable to: 5 6
Mitel SX-200 CXI IP Communications Platform Mitel SX-200 CXI IP Communications Platform 0 Mitel SX-200 CXI IP Communications Platform 1

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The Mitel SX-200 CXi IP Communications Platform (ICP) allows small and medium businesses to enjoy all the features and functions that they are accustomed to with key and PBX systems, plus all the benefits a full-featured IP system brings to the table. The Mitel SX-200 CXi ICP improves the external image of your business by enhancing customer service and employee productivity while reducing your capital expenditures and operating costs – providing you investment protection for the future.

The Mitel SX-200 CXi Controllers have the processing, memory, mass storage, power, and input / output capabilities to support up to 100 IP phones or 100 ONS phones, or a combined total of 150 phones. While the Mitel SX-200 CX and the Mitel SX-200 CXi controllers provide a cost-effective solution, the CXi offers the additional benefit of a 16-port Power over Ethernet Layer 2 switch and a 10/100 Base T WAN port. This permits small businesses without an existing switch to effortlessly create an office network with an “all in-one-box” solution.


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